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i-STAC offers quality service with logic and result driven business process. Our process will achieve each success at phased goal. With our diligent process step by step, it will offer high success at delivery and goal achievement.

Determination of quantitive or qualitative values or risks related to a concrete project or anticipated strategy and recognizing benefits and threats. It might require a market research, competitve analysis to provide feedback and suport for an informative business decision. 



Consolidation of data from multiple sources into a centralized report and related to a concrete project or suggested strategy.



Business proposal matching clients' requirement in a context favouring products and services will help client towards a business decision. 



Encompassing & coordinating all "moving parts" in business proposal, executing consistent performance for faster growth and higher profitability.



Validating& verifying prognostic output from the business proposal and accordingly modification and adjustment.



Encountering and observing progressive results of defined phases in the business proposal; delivery and transition between phased business and/or technology service within our service capacity and meeting business objectives with a strong result driven atitude.

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