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i-STAC is endeavored to provide our premium service to enterprises with competitive products and marketable business for a sustainable market. We focus primarily in industry of ICT, Advanced Materials and Engineering, Clean Tech, Life Science. We integrate these four pillars service together, and provide great opportunities for established enterprises, incubators, start-up, R&D talents, investors, distributors and procurement parties.

Partnership & Investment

  • Strategic Partnership
  • Investment Raising
  • Joint Venture
  • License & Distribution
  • Partnership Structure

Innovation & Technology

  • Tech Assessment
  • R&D Collaboration
  • NPI, QC, QA
  • Tech Integration
  • Tech Training

Partnership & Investment focus on partnership building, investment raising, and distribution & procurement. Innovation & Technology focus on technology assessment, integration, training, new product introduction and quality control, quality assurance, assessment and control. 

Sales & Growth

  • Channel Liason
  • Sales Cycle
  • Revenue Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Delivery & Implement

Intelligence & Marketing

  • Market Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Industry Insights
  • Partnership Identifying
  • Marketing Assistance

Sales is ultimate goal of growing profit envolving as medium to long term direction. We offer technical integration and sales solution.  Intelligence & Marketing focus on business intelligence and marketing analysis for a strategic planning on market and deeper market penetration and brand awareness. 

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